Washington Can’t Fix Social Security, Maybe We Should Try…

The Washington Post has invited their readers to contribute their input on fixing the Social Security mess.   The article starts by stating some stock facts about how Social Security is heading toward economic disaster, and quotes like; “The arithmetic of the problem is not very difficult,” former Director of the Office of Management and Budget and Senior Brookings Fellow Alice Rivlin told an annual meeting on retirement research last year. It requires “tinkering on both sides,”.  The reader is then invited to participate in a survey about how they would fix Social Security.   The survey is based on “The Social Security Fix-It Book”, which was produced by Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research. They describe it as “everything the earnest but over-burdened citizen needs to know.”  While it does lay out some of the math about the Social Security debacle in simple, clear-cut fashion, the link to the book shows that the information was last updated in 2009.  The book was written back in 2007.  I’m surprised that the Washington Post could do no better than to base a survey around stale information from five years ago.

I have my own view on how Social Security will be fixed.  This blog, and my upcoming book,  will be dedicated to sharing my simple, straightforward plan that may not bring Social Security to an end, but will reduce the burden on America’s younger generations.




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