Straight Outta Your Paycheck

IMG_0331With the release of “Straight Outta Compton” this past week, I took advantage of the meme generator to make one that is appropriate for Social Security. Thanks to your FICA taxes which account for 6.2% of your salary, your money is actually taken “Straight Outta Your Paycheck”.  It is spent by politicians and a segment of the population that is far better off financially than the younger members of society who are taxed toward the program.  The money taken from your paycheck amounts to money that you will never see again, at least, not the amount that you were forced to hand over.

It’s time for Generation X’ers, Millennials and everyone under the age of 50 to demand the choice to remain in Social Security or get out of the program entirely.  Sign the National Petition to Opt-Out of Social Security.  Check out my e-book How Are You Not Angry Yet:  How Social Security is Destroying the Futures, Finances and Hopes of Generations X, Y and Z and How We Can Put an End to it”

Together, we can end our participation in a program that does not serve us, but only serves to hold us back and keep us mired in debt.  If young America can band together and fight back, one day, we will have the choice to get ‘Outta Social Security.’

-R.J. Renza, Jr.




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