What Is Social Security!



So many Millennials and Generation X’ers still don’t understand that Social Security does not put your money aside for you.  The money that you are forced to contribute is immediately redistributed to older Americans, most of whom have a far greater net worth than the workers who are taxed into the program.  Most Millennials do not believe that they will ever see a dime from Social Security.  Isn’t it time that young Americans demanded better.  Click here to find out what we can do to take back our six percent…

-R.J. Renza, Jr.

Hey, while you’re here, take a moment and sign the National Petition to Opt-Out of Social Security. The more signatures we gather, the more pressure we place on Congress and our political leaders.  August marked the release of my first e-book “How Are You Not Angry Yet: How Social Security is Destroying the Futures, Finances and Hopes of Generations X,Y and Z and How We Can Put and End to it.”  “Angry Yet” breaks down the complex topic of Social Security into a way that most Americans can easily understand and find entertaining and is available on Amazon right here.

I was recently mentioned by my favorite economic blogger Michael Shedlock in his post “Question To Millennials: Why Are You Not Mad As Hell Yet?”

I also appeared on The Debt Dialogues, the weekly podcast of “RooseveltCare” author Don Watkins:

Check out my video of how I celebrated Social Security’s 80th Birthday and What Social Security Does To Kids.


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