Podcast Appearance: New Class Rising With Hector Avellaneda

I recently recorded a 45-minute podcast with the host of the New Class Rising blog, Hector Avellaneda.  In “The Biggest Threat To Your Financial Future,” I discuss the devastating financial impact of the Social Security program on young Americans.  Other topics that we covered during the podcast include:

-Student loan crisis

-Financial challenges that Generation X and Millennials face

-Dichotomy in financial condition of old vs. young

-Why there is no “account,” “lock box,” or “trust fund”

-Where our Social Security money has actually been diverted to

-My Plan of Action

-My e-Book “How Are You Not Angry Yet?”

The podcast is also available on iTunes and for download here.

The podcast is approximately 47 minutes long.  Hector was an excellent host and has recorded over 100 weekly podcasts since 2013.  You can find his podcast library at http://NewClassRising.com.

R.J. Renza, Jr.


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