Social Security in the New Hampshire Congressional Race

Anne McLane Kuster, Democrat incumbent in New Hampshire’s 2nd Congressional District used her position on Social Security to attack her rival, Republican candidate Marilinda Garcia.  In this video clip, Kuster defines her position and slips in a few jabs at Garcia.  Kuster states that Social Security is “an easy fix” and that raising the limit on taxable income would “fix” Social Security.  Removing the cap would not completely eliminate the shortfall, and although I am in favor if it, many argue against its economic impact.  Garcia is one of the few candidates that has mentioned the concerns of those of us under 50 as she mentioned, “…my generation, frankly, just assumes that it won’t be there for us…”.  While privatizing Social Security is not the best choice available, it is welcome to hear someone who voices the concerns of those of us under 50, rather than put our concerns on the back burner to grab votes now.



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