Social Security Gets a ‘Shiny New’ Data Center… But Their Field Offices Are Closing?

The Social Security Administration has opened a new data center, in Urbana, Maryland, one that will replace the previous building that was built in 1980.  The agency was concerned about possible risk of “structural problems” at the old site.  The relocation to the new site, some 40 miles away, came under fire for it’s lack of commuter options, as well as the fact that a perfectly good site was located right across the street from the administration offices.  The building was funded by some $500 million in stimulus funds from the  American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  While the Administration enjoys a new building, their satellite offices that are there for the tens of millions of people that they serve, are closing and cutting hours just as the first of the Baby Boomer generation are reaching retirement age.   This is even happening locally here in West Palm Beach.  Perhaps they would have been better served by taking that stimulus money and keeping the offices that actually serve the people that count on Social Security open and fully staffed.




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