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The subject of Social Security is heating up the race for the 5th Congressional District in Connecticut.  Republican candidate Mark Greenberg has an interesting position on the Social Security crisis.

Democratic Rep. Elizabeth Esty, released a new ad that takes aim at attacks on Greenberg’s position on Social Security.

Greenberg’s new ad, called “Barking Again,” shows a pup barking at a television ad.

“There they go again,” Greenberg says. “This time it’s Elizabeth Esty’s special interest attack dogs lying about my position on Social Security.”

Then Greenberg’s father says, “They’re barking up the wrong tree.”

Here’s the commercial:


Etsy’s campaign had this to say in reply;


“The facts are very clear—Mark Greenberg called Social Security a ‘failure,’ and he wants to privatize it,” said Esty campaign spokeswoman Laura Maloney. “Even worse, he fundamentally disparages those who have earned Social Security, saying seniors who have paid into the system and earned these benefits after lifetimes of hard work are ‘on the public dole.’ What Mark Greenberg clearly doesn’t get is that Social Security is a lifeline for seniors, keeping millions out of poverty.”

When he ran for the 5th District seat two years ago, Greenberg was critical of the current “pay-as-you-go” Social Security system. He has proposed an alternative for younger people that would provide them with an option to invest money they’ve paid in Social Security taxes into an IRA or Keogh and manage their own retirement. “In that case, you’re off the public dole,” Greenberg said of his plan.

A video of a town-hall-style interview during Greenberg’s first run for Congress in April 2010 gives some detail of the plan he was proposing.

“One of the things that I would suggest with regard to Social Security is that people can opt out of what I call the public system, for a discounted payoff, as they’re called in real estate. You have a certain amount in your account — you get an indication of it every year — and based upon your age, and based upon the amount in that account, you can take a payment from the government, write a check, and then that money would go into an IRA or a Keogh or other private system of retirement.”

The fact that he has floated the suggestion that people can opt out of the Social Security system means that he has acknowledged that this is a real problem, and that he’s proposed a solution that would absolutely help our younger generations.  While his site says “First and foremost, we need to honor our commitment to people who have worked their entire life paying into the Social Security system, period.”, he absolutely deserves credit for discussing an opt out plan that helps the young, a position that most other politicians wouldn’t dare to come out with publicly.




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