Michelle Obama Drops ‘Flotus’ Rap Track, Tells Millennials “Go To College”

First Lady Michelle Obama (FLOTUS) released a rap video with Jay Pharaoh from Saturday Night Live, promoting the idea that college is the best way for Millennials to achieve their financial and work-related goals.  The track, “Go To College,” has lyrics that match the lack of creativity evident in the title.  Nevertheless, the video gained steam on Twitter under the hashtag #FlotusBars.  The First Lady has not only wrestled control of student lunches out of the hands of local school districts, she is now promoting the idea that young Americans need to enter what I like to call the collegiate-industrial complex.

Now, Michelle Obama is not the first lady to weigh in on a topic that affects young people.  Many Generation X’ers will remember Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign that was prevalent throughout the 1980’s.  Mrs. Reagan also took part in the “Stop The Madness” anti-drug music video which ironically, featured Whitney Houston.  Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign was also part of another failed federal effort, the economically disastrous “War on Drugs.”

This video is released as millions of potential college students realize that graduation from college is not only the realization of an educational goal, but, for many it is the beginning of life-long student loan debt enslavement.  President Obama overhauled the federal student loan program in 2009 and the result has been cataclysmic for young Americans.   As a result, some delusional college graduates demanded that taxpayers pick up the tab for their education-based debt through the recent Million Student March.

The bottom line is that college worked very well for Michelle Obama, and yes, there is no doubt that her educational experience was a huge part in making her dreams come true.  But for every successful graduate who finds a job, there are an increasing number who can not find work.  Millennials are beginning to realize the consequences to their health due to chronic stress about finances.   A stagnant job market, flat-lining wages rising tuition costs and predatory student loan debt collectors are providing a strong disincentive for Millennials to attend college in the first place.  This generation is finding increasing difficulty in milestones such as leaving their parent’s home, purchasing real estate, or starting a family.

Knowing this, I’d like to make some suggestions toward Michelle Obama and Jay Pharaoh’s rhymes for future rhymes about college…

“Out of all the First Ladies, 

My flow is the nicest,

But that don’t matter,

‘Cause my husband cant stop ISIS”


“So go attend college,

And fill your brain,

Hope you’ll be smarter than my husband,

When he said ISIS is “contained”

And, finally,

So go attend college,

Get your cap and gown,

Then spend the rest of your life,

Paying your student loans down…

This blog is about removing ourselves from the government’s grasp by taking back our personal contributions to Social Security.  Once again, the federal government, spearheaded by President Obama has exerted its influence by influencing young Americans to attend college and exerting control over student loans.  The result is a trillion-dollar disaster that Millennials may never fully recover from.

-R.J. Renza, Jr.

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-R.J. Renza, Jr.


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