It’s a Trap!

In Iowa’s Senatorial Race, Democrat Bruce Braley and Republican Joni Ernst are being cautious about dealing with their stances on Social Security.  And, as races in New Hampshire, and Alaska have shown, the Social Security topic is a scorching political hot potato.

A quote from an article in the Des Moines Register:

“Ernst accuses Braley of favoring an increase in the retirement age. Braley accuses Ernst of seeking to privatize the program for younger workers. Both deny the accusations, but go fuzzy when pressed for solutions.”

According to John Laitner, an economist at the University of Michigan; “There’s no way of doing it without something unpalatable… Whether you say we’re going to increase the tax or we’re going to trim the benefits or some of each, somebody’s going to get something they don’t want.”  The result?  The issue is a “trap” for politicians.  Taking a stance means upsetting someone, and candidates for office simply don’t want to risk getting labeled or attacked by their opponents early in the race.  Social Security isn’t something that would-be elected representatives want to offer a solution toward.   As Star Wars (or NFL RedZone) fans can appreciate, Social Security isn’t just a touchy subject, “It’s a Trap!”




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