Melissa Click, Poster Child For The Million Student March?

University of Missouri professor Melissa Click, who became a symbol many of the failings of higher education in 2015, as well as a target for humorous posts this week, has resigned from her journalism post.  While it seems that she will remain on at the University, she will have some extra time on her hands.  What if she used that time, and her newfound internet fame to help with the misguided “Million Student March”?  Since I’m on a creative streak this week, I came up with a killer poster, just in case…


While Melissa Click is not joining the Million Student March, she would be a perfect representative for them.  As I wrote last week about the ridiculousness that is the Million Student March, these students have three demands:

  1. Tuition-Free Public College
  2. Cancellation of All Student Loan Debt
  3. A $15 Minimum Wage For Campus Workers

Click would be a natural spokesman for each of these demands.  The argument for free tuition could be that in certain classes, you get what you pay for.  When your professor’s writings focus on Lady Gaga, Thomas the Train and Twilight, would you really care to pay out thousands for that class?

The cancellation of all student debt demand would be a natural subject for Click, as she is fluent in cancelling out other important things, like the First Amendment.  Cancelling the debts of tens of millions would be an important lesson for millions of young Americans:  If you get into a bind, just call in some muscle (or our nations taxpayers) to take care of your problems.

What does this have to do with Social Security?  Nothing and everything.  The concept of opting out of Social Security that I discuss on this blog is an idea that millions of us are ready to take on the responsibility of planning out our retirement on our own.  This form of self-reliance is the exact opposite of the mindset that the Million Student March is based on, a form of dependence on their government and the taxpayer to soothe away their troubles.  People who are of a dependent mindset eventually run out of others who will take their concerns or “demands” seriously.

As I’ve said before about the Million Student March:

The fools who initiated this “movement” are unbelievably naive, from their child-like demands, to their lack of any kind of plan whatsoever to meet said demands.  The Million Student March is shaping up as a polar vortex of Special Snowflakes who want you and I to pay for debt that they incurred.

Look, I understand, better than most people that Millennials have a right to be very angry right now.  I am devoting all of my spare time toward fighting for younger Americans financial well-being through my movement to opt-out of Social Security.  But demanding that I, by virtue of the fact that I am an American worker, should be obligated to pay back your college tuition bill is not the way to go about initiating change, if Millennials ever want to be taken seriously.

I absolutely want Millennials to become politically active and change the course of their generation and this country.  That has been a theme of this blog.    However, demanding money from taxpayers to pay bills that you incurred will only perpetuate the prevailing stereotypes of young Americans.

-R.J. Renza, Jr.


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