Handwritten Records Invite Social Security Fraud

Social Security fraud has been a hot topic of late, and an inspector general’s report this week hasn’t done the Social Security Administration any favors.  The Washington Post reports that the systems for disability payments are so old and outdated that they are contributing to widespread fraud.  “The agency’s outdated and unintegrated systems and policies have not been able to prevent or easily identify widespread fraud schemes…”.  The report continued, “SSA should not downplay large-scale fraud; it must acknowledge that the threat of another massive scheme is real and that criminals will always look for the next vulnerability — poking and prodding until they find a weak spot in the system to attack.”.

Apparently criminals are doing just that, as there have been major fraud cases in New York City, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.  “Crime pays in the disability world because Social Security has failed to stop fraud by taking such steps as modernizing its systems, its penalties or its rules on who can work in today’s modern era of medicine and technology,” said Texas Congressman Sam Johnson.

With the administration still relying on handwritten records, there is considerable opportunity for foul play.  All the more reason why many Americans would potentially find opting out appealing.


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