Ebola Grabs Headlines But Social Security Is What’s On The Minds Of Voters

Ebola and ISIS have been trending topics for weeks in the news and social media, but they are not among the topics that most voters are truly concerned about. Social Security is among the hot topics that people who show to the polls actually care about. According to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal National Poll, the impact of those trending topics on voters was fleeting;

Overall, the individual issues that are most important to voters are job creation and economic growth (23 percent of registered voters pick that as their top issue), breaking Washington’s gridlock (another 23 percent), the deficit (12 percent), health care (9 percent) and Social Security and Medicare (another 9 percent)

Just 7 percent pick the military action against ISIS as their top issue, and only 2 percent point to the Ebola outbreak.

We would like to see evidence that Social Security matters significantly more to younger voters in the next few months, and that they begin to exert their will by the 2016 Presidential Election. There are millions of us who want to opt-out of Social Security, and this is where we will start the movement.



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