“Democrats Should Push For Social Security Expansion”

An article in the Huffington Post today described a few reasons why Democrats should heavily promote expanding Social Security as a key part of their platforms.  This would be a sound strategy as Democrats have had to overcome ‘guilt by association’ as President Obama’s approval rating has continued to slip, and the failure of his administration’s handling both ISIS and the Ebola scare, have soured many potential voters.  Switching the topic to the expansion of Social Security could only help their cause.  Social Security has always been a massively popular government program, not only with Democrats, but across the political spectrum:

90 percent of Democrats said they support the idea; 75 percent strongly supported it.
73 percent of independents support it; 55 percent strongly supported it.
73 percent of Republicans support it; 47 percent strongly supported it.
63 percent said they are more likely to vote for a member of Congress who votes to increase Social Security.
70 percent said they are less likely to vote for someone who votes to cut Social Security benefits.

Playing up Social Security expansion would play to the most active voting group, the AARP crowd.  Because they are so much more active at the polls (especially during mid-term elections) than those of us under the age of 45, politicians will cater toward their whims.  Expanding Social Security should not even be on the table when  the program’s “surplus” is due to run out long before we retire, forcing us to take approximately 23% less benefits.  However, as long as we all remain quiet and take our medicine, talk of Social Security expansion will continue, with the real possibility that it becomes a tangible change, adding untold extra millions to the bill that all of us under 45 will eventually be stuck with.




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