Democrats Forcing the Social Security Issue in Kentucky

Social Security is becoming a campaign issue in Kentucky, as this ad attacks  Mitch McConnell for his stance on privatizing Social Security, as well as accusations that he had contact with an official in the Treasury Department during the stock market crash of 2008, and adjusted his portfolio based on their phone calls.  While McConnell is contesting the validity of those ads, attacking Republican candidates based on the fact that their position about Social Security is becoming a factor in the next few days leading up to the mid-term elections.

The reason this works so well was spelled out by Michael Tomasky of the Daily Beast; “Old people vote in midterms, so it stands a much better chance of having an impact than a last-second student-loan scare.”  The reason why Social Security matters and the student loan crisis does not?  Because ‘old people vote’ in midterm elections and most of us under 40 do not.  This will change when those of us under 50 decide to make Social Security *our* issue, and vote accordingly.






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