Charlie Crist vs. Rick Scott: Social Security in the Florida Gubernatorial Race

While Charlie Crist and Rick Scott face off in another televised debate from Jacksonville this evening, let’s take a moment to look over each candidate’s stance on the issue of Social Security.  While the Social Security mess is the primary focus of this blog, it is of paramount importance in the Sunshine State where 19% of its residents are over the age of 65.  Here’s a quick breakdown of Crist and Scott’s position on the 79-year old institution:


-Against eliminating cost of living increases from Social Security

– Against raising retirement age

-Suggests that money can be saved by cleaning up waste and fraud within the program.   (Fraud within the program made headlines this week)



-Would prefer to privatize Social Security


Neither candidate serves the interests of those under 50 on this matter.  Crist is not willing to deal with the fact that the program needs structural changes.  Fraud and waste serve no one, but the few million that could be saved won’t address the serious overhaul that the program desperately needs.  Scott’s position of privatizing Social Security isn’t as disadvantageous to us as letting the program continue.  But privatizing the program means that the government still has control of what we do with that money.  Our investment decisions, and our choice whether or not we invest at all should be left to each of us to decide.




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