Another Book About Social Security, That Doesn’t Apply to Millennials or Generation X

One of the hottest subjects for new books in 2014 doesn’t involve a vampire love trilogy, or a trip to Middle Earth.   New publications about how to maximize Social Security benefits are being released every few weeks  to serve a glut of Baby Boomers who are approaching retirement age.  Authors of all kinds are getting into the game to service this enormous wave of humanity who will need guidance in dealing with an organization that is garnering a reputation for its poor customer service.   While I don’t blame anyone for offering a service to seniors, there are only a scant few books about how Social Security affects Millennials, or the younger members of Generation X.  While I will be discussing their perspective in my soon to be released e-book, it is interesting to note how the younger members of our society are largely being discounted throughout this process, and this shows by how little attention that they receive in print.


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