Angela Merkel Is A Traitor To Germany, France, And All Of Europe – The Economic and Societal Impact of Her Welfare State Disaster Angela Merkel Traitor Europe Germany

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany and leader of the European Union has come under fire over the last several days from media, politicians and her fellow citizens.  The vitriol is well deserved.  The horrifying terrorist attacks of November 13 in Paris, France have placed her liberal immigration policies under intense scrutiny.  While mainstream media have largely ignored or downplayed the onslaught of millions of Muslim refugees who have invaded Europe over the last few years, some outlets and bloggers have been ahead of the curve on this trend.  I will leave it to others to discuss the morality of refusing to accept millions of refugees from a war-torn country and the inherent dangers of allowing into our country those who may mean to do us catastrophic harm.  For the most part, this post will examine the economic and societal havoc caused by Angela Merkel’s irresponsible and traitorous immigration policies.

Refugees who have invaded Europe have arrived in droves not only from Syria, but from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria.  It is no secret why they are trekking to Europe; under Angela Merkel’s leadership, refugees know that they will have their basic needs attended to in certain European countries.  For example, Germany provides housing, food, health care, clothing and a monthly stipend at their ‘welcome centers.’  Sweden will even pay refugees a stipend during the time that their request for asylum is being processed.  The continent has reached the point where asylum seekers are shopping around for the best deal for welfare services.  Why would refugees choose to live in camps another Middle Eastern nation, when they can make their way to Europe where their basic needs are guaranteed to be met?

Angela Merkel’s home, Germany, will take on some 1.5 million refugees this year.  With a national population of over 82 million in 2014, Germany, in one year, has increased their population by nearly 2%.  Putting that in perspective, in North America, an increase of nearly 2% of our population would be the equivalent of adding over 6,000,000 people, roughly the population of Tennessee.  That is simply staggering!  In Germany, that means 1.5 million new people who require services that Angela Merkel’s government is more than willing to provide.  But where does the money (recent estimates come in at 10 billion Euros) come from to pay for refugee services?  You guessed it… the German taxpayer.

While this example is obviously far different in context than what I have written about regarding Millennials and Social Security, the basic ‘welfare state’ construct is the same; forcibly remove money from those who are productive and disperse that money toward those in ‘need’.  In America, through Social Security, we are taking money from Millennials and redistributing it toward senior citizens.  Public sentiment will sour as people discover that the beneficiaries of the Social Security system have a far greater net worth than the contributors and that those who are paying in today will never see the entire return of their money.  In Europe, anger is rising as taxpayer funds are being doled out through the welfare state to foreigners who were invited en masse by their political leaders, who have vastly different cultural mores, values and religious beliefs than the majority of European citizens.

Further, most Europeans suffer additional indignity as their concerns are censored. Attempts to speak out against the onslaught of refugees are quickly snuffed out, particularly in Angela Merkel’s home country, where any negative chatter regarding the refugee situation is quickly removed from social media.  Recently, Merkel made headlines for remarks between her and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about stemming the tide of anti-Islam posts on the social media platform that was transmitted over live broadcast.  As things stand, citizens who voice opinions that oppose the immigration agenda are branded “right-wing extremists,” “unconstitutional” and can even be subject to criminal prosecution!   The 2008 European Union laws against “hate speech,” which were put in place to quell the tempers of angry Muslims did not make the problem go away.   This has manifested in the sudden growth of the extreme right wing movement in Germany, and more recently, this.

Angela Merkel and her mind-numbingly ludicrous agendas have pushed Germany, Sweden, France, and the European Union to the brink of massive social upheaval.  She is responsible not only for disregarding opposing voices of citizens in her own country but for discouraging free speech and political discourse throughout Europe.  She has sold out Europe to achieve her vision, one she is stubbornly committed to, no matter how public sentiment has changed.  The attacks of last week could have been prevented, and were indeed caused by Merkel’s policies.  Make no mistake, there will be continued terrorist threats and attacks that will continue to disrupt daily life in Europe.  Angela Merkel is about to reach her 10th year as the German Chancellor.  When her time is finished, Europe will not remember her as an ‘indispensable leader,‘ they will remember her as a traitor.

-R.J. Renza, Jr.

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